END OF THE WORLD!. Well says the Bible that in the last days the good will say bad and good bad, we are living times like those of Sodom and Gomorrah, where sexual deviations were the order of the day. Proof of this, is the recent news that reaches our ears, a mother and a son have fallen in love and without fear publish their love.

These depraved ones affirm that they fell in love from the first moment and were destined to be together (thus affirming that God was wrong to create them to be Mother and Son.

The incident comes directly from the United States, New Mexico, where Monicas Mares, 36, and her son, Caleb Peterson, caused a stir after publicizing their amorio and affirming that they keep fighting for “justice” and thus be able to marry.

But …. It is not the only story:

There is also the case of Kim West and Ben Ford. This couple is trying to break the most entrenched taboos in our society, fighting against all odds. And they do not have it easy to succeed. Because Kim, 51, gave birth to Ben, 32 years old. The mother gave her son up for adoption three decades ago, and they met again in 2014. But instead of seeing each other as mother and child, the impossible happened: the two fell in love and since then they look for having a child together .
Kim, who was born in London (England), became pregnant at age 19, while studying in California (United States). Since he had no financial means, he decided that he could not raise Ben and gave him up for adoption. When Ben found a new family in the United States, she returned to England.

In the following years she had several relationships, but never fell in love. Until at the end of 2013 he received a letter from his son, who wanted to meet his biological parents. And there his life changed forever. Kim accepted and met with Ben, who at that time was married to a woman named Victoria.
As revealed by the Daily Mail, the crush between mother and son was immediate: Ben abandoned his wife and since then lives with his mother in Michigan (United States), in what he describes is ‘a genetic sexual attraction’. Now the two plan to get married and have children.

Ben Ford confesses to the website New Day that “I know that everyone thinks this is disgusting, that we should learn to control our emotions, but when love hits so hard, all you think is to give up everything and fight for it. ” Frod remembers that the first kiss that occurred with his mother was in a hotel in London, very few hours after meeting and after drinking Champagne.

After returning to Michigan, where he works as a computer programmer, he left his wife and asked Kim to come and live with him, stating: “When I met my mother, I could not see her like that. I perceived it as a sexual being. I go to therapy and my psychologist knows everything and validates my feelings. We are also trying to adopt a child or try a surrogate pregnancy, “Ben told the same American media.

By the time the couple is planning to get married and already imagine what the wedding will be like. Since the two have different surnames and legally are not family, they can get married anywhere in the United States. But since his story is becoming wildly popular, with articles published all over the world about them, it is very likely that someone will challenge their votes.
Thus we see clearly how the end of time is quite close Noah times where only the saints of God will see him face to face, amen!



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